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Are you interested in learning Trading and don't know where to start? You want to learn how to invest in the stock market but there are so many contents and courses of dubious validity that you do not know where to start. Here we leave you a selection of the best Free Online Traiding courses. From content for beginners who want to get into the world of the stock market, the best courses for...

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$20$80BuyLoad MoreExpand your career opportunities in FinanceWhether you work in Administration or Finance or want to develop your career in management sciences, mastering the tools and methods most used in today's management world will allow you to stand out in your environment and advance your career.Explore Finance

$10$80BuyLoad MoreExpand your career opportunities in Talent ManagementHRR is one of the key areas to drive the transformation of organizations, as well as gaining and retaining talent. The area of Human Resources is gaining ground within the organizational environment in the modern world, 7 out of 10 companies prefer a professional with mastery of HR skills to another who does not have them.Explore HR

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$10$80BuyLoad MoreAnalyze and report your data with ExcelWhatever industry you work in, Microsoft Excel is a valuable spreadsheet tool for organizing and presenting data. Excel offers functions, formulas, pivot tables, and dashboards to help you manage and present large sets of information.Explore Microsoft

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"The platform is very interactive, it has high value content. The videos and tests are very striking, and it is great to have that interaction because there are thousands of tools that can work for us, that is something very positive."

"I try to finish the 6 careers because they are really, really rich content, very updated, very deep, well developed and extremely easy to follow with the support of the videos and materials available on the platform."

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"By getting certified with Next U I seek to have more performance in my resume, access to different jobs, remote or face-to-face, plus that the certificates are from a recognized platform, and I consider Next U to be well positioned."

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Discover the trends by sector and train for free, in the course of your choice. Ninja offers you more than 30 sectors that allow you to grow and achieve your professional goals: Get your certification upon completion of the course, receive professional guidance and training and acquire the professional skills necessary for your job sector.

Don't worry, Ninja has a list of short courses perfect for you. We have hundreds of free courses available for you to start, finish and complete whenever and wherever you want, completely at your own pace.

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